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    Flat Roof Services For Cedarburg, WI

    A Flat Roof plays a critical role in protecting the interior space of a home or commercial property. Aside from keeping out the elements, the roof is also part of the overall design and should present an attractive style. The simple, modern lines of a flat roof have become popular in the last decade, providing both waterproofing and excellent drainage. Our company provides roof repair and roof replacement services in the Cedarburg, WI area.

    Flat Roof Repair Cedarburg

    Flat Roofing Repair Services In Cedarburg

    Our professional and licensed Cedarburg Roofers is experienced in all phases of flat roof renovation and repair. A flat roof that is installed properly has less risk of damage over time, but it can wear out from the effects of Cedarburg, WI weather. Heat, humidity, and extreme cold all take their toll.

    We begin by performing an inspection to determine the roof material type and to see how much damage has occurred. Once the inspection is complete, we will resolve issues with leaks, cracks, moisture, ponding water, and general deterioration.

    Replacement Procedures For Flat Roofs

    Flat roof replacement is a large investment. Our reputation in Cedarburg, WI, is excellent because we offer reasonable rates for high-quality work, and our goal is to protect the value of each customer’s property. The signs we look for to determine if a roof needs replacing include the following:



    -Loose or missing shingles

    -Rotting materials

    -Age over 20 years

    Once we identify all critical problems, we begin the process of Roof Replacement. This includes beams, support, insulation, surfacing, and waterproofing. We do the complete job from beginning to end.

    The Layers Of A Flat Roof

    Depending on the materials that are used, it can contain more than one layer. If asphalt shingles are added, the roof will have two layers like other types, such as TPO and EPDM flat roofs. Whether it is a replacement, Roof maintenance, or repair, Cedarburg Roofers are the best option for high-quality, long-lasting roofing work in Cedarburg, WI.

    Flat Roofing Replacement Schedule

    On average, a flat roof will need a complete replacement about every 15 years. This timeline is dependent on the location of the house or commercial building, the type and overall quality of the materials that were used, and the weather conditions the roof was exposed to. In some cases, the roof may need replacement in 10 years or even sooner.

    Coating For Flat Roofs

    It requires a high-quality coating to protect it from common problems like weather, contraction and expansion from cold and heat, and water drainage issues. All of these conditions will cause damage over time. The coating works together with a layer of gravel to guide water to drains and gutters. There are different types of flat roof coatings that are used depending on the local conditions in Cedarburg, WI.

    Coating Application

    There are four steps to applying a flat roof coating:

    -Cleaning the roof

    -Choosing the correct coating for the local conditions

    -Applying the liquid coating

    -Installing the rubber membrane

    Coating Replacement Schedule

    In most cases, it will last about 10 years. This timeline depends on the quality of the materials that were used when it was installed. Adding a premium roof coating will extend the roof’s useful life by two to five years.

    Drainage System For A Flat Roofing

    Water is the biggest enemy of a flat roof, and it can cause a significant amount of damage that is very costly to repair. Our professional team in Cedarburg, WI, will expertly install a drainage system to stop pests and prevent problems with humidity, erosion, mold growth and gutters.

    Leak Repair For A Flat Roof

    Leaks are always a challenging problem. This is because water tends to move in varying directions, and finding the source of a leak requires an expert inspection using different verification methods. We have a great deal of experience with leaks and can find them quickly to get the problem resolved. If you are experiencing issues with your flat roof or just have questions, please fill out the form below or call us today to schedule an appointment. We have many years of experience in the Cedarburg, WI, area and are always available to help you with your roofing needs.