Do You Need Work Done On Your Gutters In Cedarburg, WI?

Cedarburg Roofing Geeks has many experienced roofers who are capable of doing all sorts of Gutter work. Whether you need gutter repair, gutter installation or seamless gutters installed, we are always here to help you. 

Seamless Gutter Installation For Cedarburg, WI

Seamless gutters are one-piece gutters whose main characteristic is that they have no joints or seams, which differentiates them from standard gutters. This has made them a trend, and today they are the most popular in the United States since about 70% of the gutters installed are seamless.

Benefits Of Seamless Gutters

The benefit of seamless gutters is that they are virtually leak-free and, in some ways, top than regular gutters. Also:

– They are quite affordable.

– They make the whole installation process easier and faster.

– They are easier to maintain and can resist corrosion more effectively.

– They eliminate the need to glue a continuous roll of pre-formed gutters together.

– They also look neater, more fetching, and are more efficient at preventing leaks than regular gutters.

– The absence of seams makes them have a modern look that flatters most of the structures on which they are built.

However, for homeowners’ protection, should a seamless gutter system prove defective, which can mean total replacement, we offer very generous seamless gutter warranties, ranging from 18 months to several decades. Our goal is to have satisfied users and get it right the first time!

What Is The Process Of Gutter Installation?

As a leading seamless gutter installation company for Cedarburg, Wisconsin, we typically do the installation in three stages:

Gutters in Cedarburg

Planning & Preparation.

This initial stage is crucial to an excellent installation; it involves:

  1. Assessing the condition of the roof for underlying damage
  2. In case the structure is not suitable to support seamless gutters, we provide advice and solutions.
  3. Identifying the correct place to install the downspouts where the runoff will flow so that the installer can determine how the downspouts will connect to the gutter system.
  4. Selecting the proper materials for the job.
  5. Select the color and style, as well as the roof area measurements.

All this is key to ensure the desired appearance for your gutter and roof in the second stage of the execution. Hand in hand with our clients, we obtain the correct dimensions, color, and style preferences to design the owner’s suitable and desirable gutter.


For this second step of the professional gutter installation service we provide, we have the equipment to cut the materials to size and the gutter machine to make seamless gutter.

We make it according to the set of information acquired in the previous step of planning and preparation. A quantity of metal or any other preferred material flat feeds into the gutter machine, and out of it comes a continuous piece of gutter.

We often do this at the fitting site to ensure the wanted quality and style during pre-forming. While the result is usually quite lightweight, the material and design chosen will determine its durability. We advise our users in this regard and adapt to their budget


In the final step:

  • The installer coats the roof slope attaches gutter fasteners and secures the fixtures and downspouts in place.
  • Our staff installs the hangers to be imperceptible to the eye to maintain a genuinely perfect appearance.
  • We are careful not to use bolts and knots when installing seamless gutters because they tend to oxidize and stain. That would cause damage to the gutters and tip to leaks that seamless gutters remove.
  • We install leaf guards to prevent leaves and debris from entering the gutter, depending on the site’s surroundings is what we suggest to homeowners.

Gutter Repair

Note that the gutter tends to leak after a while, especially when they receive little or no maintenance and cleaning. In gutters with joints in case of leakage, it is necessary to repair the gutter. Some signs that accompany leakage are:

– Sinking,

– Stagnant water

– Rust at the connection points.

In seamless gutters, repair mainly involves substituting the hangers or tightening them to avoid sinking.

Gutter repair needs the specialists like us; Cedarburg Roofing Geeks is a company proud to serve the community. We make sure to perform repairs in the best conditions on a clear, warm day.

How Often To Clean The Gutters?

We suggest to our customers and supporters to clean at minus twice a year the gutters. We recommend doing this in early summer and leading winter to clean up any fallen leaves that can impede water passage. It is crucial to remove any substances or elements such as leaves and branches to prevent them from obstructing water passage and potentially causing subsidence or fires. The importance of cleaning lies in ensuring that no overflows occur, as overflows usually ruin the gutters and the house itself through water seepage.

Can You Paint Them?

You can paint only the metal gutters. Be certain to use ammonium-free, oil-based, 100% acrylic paints. Do not paint vinyl gutters for any reason; refrain as by design they do not require external painting. The solution to your problem is in your hands. Will you stand by and do nothing? We do only satisfactory gutter work; that’s what our customers say! Contact us; we are Cedarburg Roofing Geeks!