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Are You Interested In Roof Replacement in Cedarburg, WI?

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Roof Replacement Experts In Cedarburg, WI

What’s involved with roof replacement in Cedarburg? You would have to preferably have an inspection done and then get an estimate from a roof replacement company based on that inspection. Your insurance may or may not cover the cost depending on your coverage. Then it is up to the roofing company to demolish the old roof and construct the new roof.

Roof Replacement in Cedarburg

The Residential Roof Replacement Process

When you are able to completely replace a roof, there are several steps must be taken to ensure the job is done professionally. I know that you are interested in a roof replacement because you are reading this article. So you should be careful about some steps. They are:


Inspections should be done at least every 10 years or sooner if you have had a bad storm pass by. The inspection itself will involve looking at the material, structure, and visual inspection inside and out. If it has only been 5 years since your last inspection a visual inside and out inspection is all that is needed.

Demolish Old Roof

The demolishing of the old roof will be done according to the inspection guidelines. It will involve removing all the old Roofing shingle and sealer on a shingle roof or all the tar and gravel as well as sealer on a tar roof. The actual structure, which is normally made of wood may or may not be replaced in its entirety, that would depend on the results of the inspection and what was agreed upon in the estimate. The removal of the old roof and the roof replacement is usually done on the same day so you can expect the workers to be around most of the day.

Insurance Coverage

As far as covering the cost of the roof replacement by your insurance, if the replacement is due to normal deterioration over time it’s doubtful if your insurance will cover it, but if it’s due to a bad storm then it would be up to your specific coverage if they would absorb the cost.

New Roof

After the demolishing of the old roof, the new roof structure of mainly wood has to be constructed. Then depending on the type of roof you have, a water and ice sealer will be applied to the structure which will include flashing in some cases for around the chimney. Then shingles or tar and gravel will be applied to cover the roof depending on the estimate and what was ordered. On most residential houses the roof replacement can take a full day to complete depending on the number of workers available for the roof replacement.


As with all roof work safety of the workers will include special shoes, harnesses, nets as well as guard rails to ensure a safe work environment. A safe work environment is necessary for a successful roof replacement. The way to maintain and inspect your roof is to follow the rule that an inspection should be done at least every 10 years or sooner if you have bad weather pass through. The cost of a new roof replacement will be detailed in your estimate after your inspection and you can always call your insurance agent if you suspect the new roof might be covered by your insurance. A roof replacement will take most of the day to complete in most cases. Get a quote now from the best Cedarburg Roofers.